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        關于我們/About us



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        2003年,深圳市銳健電子有限公司由一群對工作懷抱信仰熱情的人,為了協助中國國內客戶提升產品與制程的精度為目標所成立的公司。時至今日,銳健已經有超過150名以上的員工,秉持著成立時的信仰與熱情,繼續為全球的客戶提升產品與制程的精度。如同我們品牌Pi所代表的含義,Precision Industry精密工業,我們專注于設計與生產各類精密機械零件,協助我們的客戶克服其產業領域內的各項精密挑戰。我們提供精密定位滑臺、XY線性滑臺、電動缸、直角坐標滑臺、 直線電機模組、工業機械手臂以及自動化傳動元件,應用于半導體,LCD,PCB,醫療,自動化,汽車等各類產業。


        Ruan Technology Inc. founded in 2003 by a group of person who working with passion and believing to help customers in China working more precisely. By now, more than 150 employees work together as 2003 to help our customers around the world working more precisely with our products and service. As the meaning of our own brand “PI”, we focus in providing precision mechanical parts to help our customers to conquer the challenge from different industry field. We are now providing XY Table, Actuator, XY Stage, Linear Motor and Robot for semiconductor, automotive, LCD, PCB, biotechnology and other field of industry. Praise from customers is the motivation for us to keep working better and great.

        Ruan Technology shall be your best partner forever.

        電話:0755-83051325 傳真: 0755-83051324 地址:深圳市龍華新區福城街道茜坑新村老圍一區182號 備案號:粵ICP備14042184號
        Copyright 深圳市銳健電子有限公司 All Rights Reserved 版權
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